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Han Qingsong’s thick eyebrows were twitching and he was about to burst.

Lin Lan hurriedly pulled him to tell him not to be angry since they could just educate him slowly afterwards.

Since he’s already this old, yelling at him in front of the entire family would do no good.

When the old man put down his chopsticks, she immediately put hers down and got up.

Then, she went back to the house to clean up and asked Maisui to put her younger brother to bed before she followed Han Qingsong to check out their new home.

As soon as they left, the old lady Han was furious as she pointed with chopsticks, “Look at them, look at them! How ridiculous! What is an old man and an old lady doing so close to each other Wouldn’t this become a subject of gossip”

In the village, the husbands and wives were rarely seen outside together.

Usually, it would always be men hanging out with men and women gossiping around with women, let alone a pair of husband and wife walking together in the middle of the night.

It wasn’t the standard!

It was irregularly improper!

Old Lady Han’s temples began to pulse again and she felt like they were about to burst.

At this time, the moon has yet to show itself.

Only the stars were shining brightly as there were cicadas and frogs croaking with the night wind, making the atmosphere very pleasant.

If you ignored the annoying mosquitoes.

Han Qingsong walked very fast as she couldn’t keep up when they left the courtyard.

He didn’t seem to wait for her either— he strode ahead and disappeared in a brief moment!

Lin Lan originally wanted to take advantage of the beautiful night to chat with him about life, but it turned out…what a waste of such a good starry night.

By the time they got to the hut, Lin Lan was out of breath and couldn’t help complaining, “Couldn’t you walk slower”

Han Qingsong was surprised, “Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted to come”

Lin Lan: …

“Didn’t you ask me to come with you” This man was so boring.

Han Qingsong, “I said that I’ll clean it up; it’s dirty.”

She gave up reasoning with him.

She felt that this man really wasn’t cut out to communicate and she didn’t know if it’s a natural thing or was he just not that good at expressing himself.

Han Qingsong lit the oil lamp and placed it in the lamphouse.

He seemed to be thinking about what his plans were when it came to cleaning and rearranging the huts.

Lin Lan looked around.

Noticing that he wasn’t really planning to speak, she just looked around here and there.

Lin Lan, “Just speak up,” Why was he muttering in his inner voice

Han Qingsong looked at her, “Do you want to hear it”

“This is a house that I want to live in; of course I want to hear it.”

Do the men in your family, no, the men in your entire village not have the habit of discussing issues with their wives

This is obviously a family problem, okay Why do you just keep mumbling to yourself

This is really just a consistent style of local men, but it really isn’t common to discuss things with women at all.

Han Qingsong didn’t expect that she wanted to hear him out, so he told her that the roof should be used as a shed.

The wall surrounding the kang also has to be treated.

Otherwise, the skin of the wall would fall off once it was wet.

“There is a kind of grass cloth which can let air ventilate, but not allow bugs to permeate through.

It can be used as a mosquito net.”


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