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Listening to him talk about mosquitoes, Lin Lan scratched the bag on her neck subconsciously.

The mosquitoes were like the old lady— both equally ruthless and annoying to no end.

It would be nice if there were mosquito nets.

The Han family had only two mosquito nets, both of which were given to the youngest aunt and uncle.

The mosquito nets in the second room were taken from their dowry.

The original owner’s family was so poor that they provided no dowry at all, so naturally, there were no mosquito nets provided for her.

Not only did she have no dowry, she even wore the clothes provided by the old man Han’s family, which was really too shabby.

This was also one of the reasons why the old lady and the second sister-in-law looked down on the original owner so much.

The original owner also owned a mosquito net later on as it was Han Qingsong who discreetly gave her the one from the army.

However, in order to compete with her own third sister, the original owner took it back to her parents’ home to flaunt her image.

In the end, she and her children never got to use it and they were bitten every year.

“That’s good,” Lin Lan was very happy.

Han Qingsong did not speak again.

The narrow room, although unfurnished, was not spacious.

It was dimly lit and Lin Lan felt a little nervous to be in a room alone with him.

She quickly found a topic to speak of, “That, uh, do you really want to change careers”

Han Qingsong turned his head to look at her, his dark eyes resembling a bottomless pit that made others panic, “Weren’t you the one who insisted that I change careers”

Lin Lan swallowed a mouthful of spit. Yes, it’s me, it’s me, it’s me! I’m carrying the brunt of the impact for the original owner!

“Well, can you not change careers I think… it’s good to stay with the army,” Her voice was a little hollow.

After all, the original owner did her best to persist, using death as a way to threaten him to return.

With that, it would completely eliminate the possibility of Han Qingsong annulling the marriage between them.

“It’s too late,” Han Qingsong said.

Lin Lan’s heart tensed up.

He wasn’t trying to blame her, but listening to his monotone voice, it wasn’t really intended to rant either.

According to the plot, he was disheartened, so was this just a tinge of regret

“Why is it too late Did you submit the application already The leader asked you to think about it, you-” Before she could finish speaking, Lin Lan bit her tongue.

She was in a hurry and she was confused, but why the heck did she speak about the plot of the story

It’s all because of his strong aura, which made her feel too oppressed.

She was very stressed.

Han Qingsong looked at her, eyes focused on exploring her every move.

Lin Lan coughed, “That is, you didn’t tell the old lady a set answer, which meant that there was room for negotiation.”

According to Han Qingsong’s style, if he really changed his career, he would have spoken about it decisively and swiftly.

This attitude of his clearly showed that there was still room for consideration.

Han Qingsong was even more surprised.

When did she learn about empathism

“Will you not be afraid anymore”

Lin Lan, “What is there to be afraid of” She was afraid of being at home, afraid that she couldn’t help but slap the old lady to death!

Han Qingsong didn’t say anything, but the corners of his lips lifted, meaning that he found this rather intriguing.

Lin Lan suddenly realized why the original owner was afraid that he would annul his wife and marry another.

Of course she was not afraid of divorce; what was there to be afraid of It’s better to get divorced.

It’s best if she could get a job arranged for her then, because she could even….


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