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Seeing that she was about to start bringing up her rough times again, starting from getting married to the tales of serving her mother–in-law,  the eldest sister-in-law of the Han family hurriedly said, “Mother, they can’t cook without a pot after moving.”

“Then just come back to eat; what are you planning to cook Asking me for money Well, where is the money You don’t know because you’re not at home, but your younger brothers and sisters are still in their school years.

Besides, there are ten children at home who eat and freeloads off of the family.

Thus, we have to spend money everywhere.

Our family is going to be incapacitated and you still want to ask me for money! Didn’t that woman take all the money Have her take the remaining out to furnish your home.

She snorted and slammed the door before going into the house.

The eldest sister-in-law smiled at Han Qingsong, “Mother-in-law is just being angry.

Here, I have two dollars here with me; you guys should take it first.”

Han Qingsong shook his head, “Eldest sister-in-law took a long time to save up the sum, I’ll find another way.”

Eldest sister-in-law, “Old Three, did Dawang’s mother truly spent the money entirely”

No matter how many times they recounted the amount, it was just impossible for one to spend it in one go.

However, Lin Lan was going to keep it with her no matter what.

According to the eldest sister-in-law’s understanding of the original owner and her desire for money, she understood that once Old Three’s wife obtained any form of fundings, she was never going to hand it over.

The biggest possibility was for the money to end up in Lin Lan’s maternal family, but she hadn’t gone back at all these days, so the money must certainly be in her hands.

At this time, when she saw Lin Lan approaching them from afar, the eldest sister-in-law smiled before remaining silent henceforth.

Lin Lan knew that she had to buy some equipment and other daily items for the new house.

However, she knew that she mustn’t take out the money because it would practically be a public declaration to say that she still had the funds in her hands.

She was the one who said that she had spent it all after all, but she hadn’t used any of the remaining yet.

At any rate, it was a good thing to return to this house for meals.

There was no need to make a fire everyday during the summer, so she would rather wait till winter before doing much about it.

Who would have thought that Han Qingsong went to the Secretary Head and the Captain to request for the item.

Sure enough, after a while, a pot was sent to their place.

Although it was evident that the pot went through some patch-ups, nowadays, no one had a really good pot either back at home.

Most were used for many years because when it broke, it would be preferable to fix it and repair it than getting a new one.

In addition to the iron pot, a few other people gathered tableware and other household items for them.

Han Qingsong thanked them all.

Lin Lan sighed, appalled by this display of status.

If things depended on me, no one would bring anything.

When the old lady Han heard that they were provided with a pot, she immediately asked the eldest sister-in-law to swap it with the one they had at home.

The one that the Han family was using was way too old, so compared to the ‘new’ one, it was in a much worse state.

Erwang and Maisui pouted unhappily and muttered, “Why is grandmother so biased She practically takes all the good things in our house.”

Han Qingsong heard the comment and glanced at the pot, but he didn’t say anything as he continued to keep himself busy.


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